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Machdraft Engineering is committed to providing out-and-out steel detailing solutions for our clients. We value upholding the highest level of quality and integrity in steel detailing and focus on providing customer-oriented design solutions to the supreme standards of excellence.

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All steel detailing services
under one roof.

We are specialized in Structural and Misc
steel detailing our goal is to become a best in Detailing field quality and Production.

Machdraft engineering is a steel detailing company, We have 20+ years of work experience & knowledge in AISC & CISC and completed 500+ projects in the industry. So our strength is our team. We always focus on the Quality, ontime submittal and Competitive price.

Our dedicated detailers have extensive and broader experience in handling government, commercial, and industrial projects. We support fabricators from start to finish by successfully reducing their turn-around time. We deliver your project on-time without compromising quality by valuing your precious time and tight deadlines.


We maintain a professional approach to our work using the latest technology and are supported by competent and skillful members, who are committed to succeeding in delivering high-quality designs and solutions that satisfy the requirements of our valued clients.


Our mission is to provide high-quality service with precision and attention to detail in both the design and manufacturing industries. We strongly believe customer satisfaction is the key to long-term growth, for each customer we meet is an ambassador for us anywhere.


To provide a unique, reliable, high-quality, affordable solution to the challenge of building crazy ideas. Because that's what we are, a team of friends with nothing more than a dream in our hearts, but with the will and determination to change.

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To be an enduring partner, able to draw on the creativity
and problem-solving skills of our established team and its hands-on experience.

we provide.

We are a team of engineers who assist clients in their project conception, design, and
development stages by creating state-of-the-art engineering solutions that meet the highest standards.

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  • Structural steel detailing services from Machdraft engineering. We provide the most comprehensive structural detailing services available, including 3D structural steel detail.
  • MachDraft Engineering is a structural steel detailing services company providing 2D and 3D AutoCAD drafting, detailing and conceptual design services.
  • Whether you are a contractor, engineer or fabricator looking for a detailer, Machdraft can help. We specialize in Structural Steel detailing and provide the most cost effective and efficient services.
  • We are specialists in Structural Steel Detailing
  • Machdraft is the expert in steel detailing.
  • When it comes to steel detailing, our competency lies in the understanding of building codes, design and construction specifications.
  • Successful engineering firms choose Machdraft because of its ability to save time, money, and people.

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